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Catalyst Data Recovery Services is a subsidiary of Catalyst Network Solutions INC, we are headquartered in Edmonton Alberta Canada. We are proud to have an overall 95% success rate with our laboratory Data Recovery services. We are Data Recovery specialists, and have been active since 1999 operating under Catalyst Network Solutions INC. We have been successful in extreme data loss cases for our client’s such as fire, vandalism, and total water submersion.

If there is data to recover, rest assured you are in good hands with Catalyst; no matter how the data loss occurred.

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My computer crashed! When I phoned Catalyst I was extremely grateful for their prompt help in not only retrieving all of the data from my hard-drive, but efficient help in acquiring a new computer, and a backup system to make sure this never happens again. Since then, I have used Catalyst for all my personal and corporate computer needs, at extremely reasonable cost. All professionals need help like this!

Dr. Wijngaarden-Stephens - MD FRCSC FACS, U of A

Our business almost lost everything. We were in business for more than 20 years, and you can only imagine the types of I.T. equipment and topology we came from. When our system crashed I was in a panic, cold sweats, you name it. Catalyst Data Recovery immediately set me at ease and took on the task to recovery all the files in our server. Despite the challenge of our antiquated hardware, Catalyst had the job done in under 5 days! Since then, Catalyst has worked with us to ensure that Data Recovery is a service we never need again. Thank you Catalyst!

Steven Huesing - CHITTA/COACH

We worked with Catalyst Data Recovery on a proactive basis. We asked them for a security and disaster recovery overview. Since then, we have signed up for their iVault data backup services which keeps us safe from any form of data loss and stores our data off site automatically. Catalyst’s customer service is superb, with friendly and knowledgeable representatives ready to help you. I definitely recommend Catalyst for any company looking for Data solutions, or IT solutions and support.

Talea Medynski - Ormed Information Systems